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Air compressors are a common sight in industries around the world. In the UK, the British Compressed Air Society estimates that around 70% of industrial businesses have at least one air compressor.

Their ubiquity is well-deserved. The compressor’s task may be simple, but a compressed air system can be a critical part of a business, doing everything from powering heavy equipment, to making intricate and delicate processes possible.

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Applications of air compressors

It is impossible to list the many ways that air compressors are used - it is an exhaustive number. Their versatility means that even seemingly identical businesses might use their compressors differently. However, some of the most common uses include:

  • Providing compressed air. An obvious use of compressed air is used in things like furnaces, where it increases the oxygen in the reaction or simply clears surfaces by blowing away detbris.
  • Powering equipment. Pneumatic tools can be more powerful than standard electrical tools. And because they don’t need individual motors, they have reduced maintenance, keeping costs lower.
  • Moving components. An air compressor is often used to move items within an industrial process. This is sometimes as simple as driving a conveyor belt. However, compressed air can also be used to directly move items, especially granules and powders.
  • Generating gas. Nearly 80% of the air we breathe is nitrogen, and an air compressor can be used to isolate it. This can provide nitrogen on tap for processes that need a pure, unreactive environment.
  • Packaging. Compressed air is frequently used to automate packaging operations. These can even be used for processes that require precision and a gentle touch.
  • Cooling and ventilation. Air compressors frequently play a part in cooling and freezing operations. While sometimes as simple as blowing on cooked products to cool them more rapidly, compressed air is also part of rapid freezing processes used in different sectors.

Parts of the compressed air system

The sheer range of applications means every compressed air system is different. And even the type of air compressor required varies. A basic air compressor will provide filtered compressed air that will suffice for many businesses’ needs, for example, powering equipment. But there are plenty of situations where more specialist installations are needed.

  • Oil-free compressors. Some uses, for example, in food and pharmaceutical manufacturing, may require oil-free compressors to guarantee no contaminants enter the system: this is an individual choice, as filtration can often provide the same level of oil free air, using lubricated compressors.
  • Additional filters. Depending on use and your situation, you might need additional filters to ensure the cleanest possible air. For example, if you cannot guarantee the quality of the intake air. This can help maintain your system, as well as your products.
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  • Gas generators. If you have a process that uses nitrogen, you can use a generator to provide this on site and on demand. Nitrogen generators pass the compressed air through a membrane to leave you with high-purity nitrogen and harmless oxygen and water as by-products.
  • Dryers. All air contains water vapour, and this is, usually, a harmless by-product of air compression. However, if your compressor is in a humid environment, or you are working with products that are sensitive to moisture, you can use driers to ensure totally dry air.
  • Pipework. Often overlooked and under-appreciated, the pipework within your compressed air installation is an essential component. A good pipework system offers the most direct route to move your compressed air to where it needs to be, avoiding loss of pressure. Modern systems, like Atlas Copco’s AIRnet, offer modular pipework that can be easily modified or repaired depending on your needs.
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Getting the most from your compressor

At Anglian Compressors, we have almost fifty years’ experience in helping businesses do everything they need with their compressors. We offer a full design and installation service — providing compressors from the award-winning Atlas Copco range — working with you to identify what you need, and how an air compressor can power your business both today, and as you grow, in the most efficient and cost effective way.

And if you already have a compressor, we will offer servicing options that suit you. From providing manufacturer spare parts, to full servicing and maintenance plans for any brand of compressor. A single monthly fee can ensure you are covered for everything from routine testing and servicing, right up to round-the-clock call-out services, guaranteeing that you will never be without compressed air.

Whatever you need, Anglian Compressors will be your trusted partner, as invested as you are in ensuring your air compressor and your business work as well as it can. Just get in touch with us to find out how we can help.

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