On Site Gas Generation

Nitrogen is one of the super-hero gases of industry.

An unreactive gas, it is ideal for situations like welding or food manufacturing where high quality is paramount. And the real benefit is that it is all around us.

Nitrogen is the largest component of the air we breathe, which means it’s relatively simple to generate nitrogen wherever needed.

on site nitrogen gas

Benefits of on-site generation

Nitrogen gas generation brings several benefits for you.

  • Total control. You can control precisely the volume and quality of gas that you produce and when you produce it.
  • Safer. Generated by equipment you manage, it removes the risks of having to manage and move heavy compressed gas cylinders.
  • Environmental benefits. Without the need for bottle deliveries or the energy required for over-specified or excess gas, you are benefiting the environment.
  • Efficient and cost-effective. By managing your nitrogen supply, you can have gas when required. Plus, it saves the hassle and cost that comes with having to manage heavy bottles.
  • A solution for the future. On-site generation means that your supply can grow with your business, scaling your supply precisely by how much you need, when you need, as your business changes.

How nitrogen is generated

The atmosphere around us comprises around 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen (almost all the remaining 1% is argon, an inert gas). This relatively simple mix makes it easy to separate the nitrogen by taking advantage of the different velocities at which gases permeate a membrane. Using compressed air to create a pressure difference, gas generators contain a membrane acting as a filter, removing the oxygen and leaving almost pure nitrogen.

This nitrogen method has some significant advantages. No waste disposal is required since the only by-products are oxygen and water. And the process is incredibly cost-effective. Typically, on-site generation is around half the cost of bottled delivery.

How nitrogen is generated

Uses for nitrogen

Nitrogen has a broad range of applications. It’s most valuable quality is its general lack of reactiveness, and non-toxicity. It means it gets used when a pure atmosphere is required.

  • Food. A common use for nitrogen is in different stages of food production. Because it does not contain, and cannot form, water vapour, it avoids the risk of contamination, or introducing harmful bacteria.
  • Electronics. Many electronic components can be even more delicate than food. By ensuring that key processes take place in a pure atmosphere, the risk of damage to intricate and delicate circuits is removed.
  • Manufacture. Many standard processes, like welding, are weakened even as they are carried out by oxidisation. Using nitrogen means oxidisation cannot occur, resulting in more effective and higher-quality processes.
Compressed Air Filters

Creating a custom nitrogen solution

Many companies often avoid nitrogen generation. Sometimes, because they do not fully realise how expensive bottled nitrogen has become as they have grown, or because they imagine generation is complicated.

However, nitrogen generation systems can be a straightforward addition to an existing compressor system, or custom-designed for your facility. The Anglian team have helped countless businesses start or expand their nitrogen generation, designing unobtrusive systems that work with existing processes

The results speak for themselves, some of our clients have covered their investment in less than two years through reduced costs and improved efficiency.

If you are considering starting on-site nitrogen generation, or want to upgrade your existing system, Anglian Compressors can help.

Get in touch today, and we can arrange a free consultation, helping you understand how generation would work for you and the benefits it can bring to your business.

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