New compressor technology sets new industry standards

If every compressor sold by Atlas Copco was a VSD+ instead of a “fixed speed” compressor, the world would reduce the CO2 emissions by 250 000 tons every year. This equals the annual emissions of no less than 50 000 passenger cars in traffic.

The breakthrough VSD+ compressor launched in 2013 as the next step in variable speed drive technology, is a good example of how a game-changing innovation that benefits not only individual customers, but also the world as a whole.

This new type of compressor, powered by a permanent magnet motor, reduces energy consumption with 50% on average, compared to fixed speed compressors. It uses less energy to produce more compressed air, saving customers’ money as well as electricity. Atlas Copco is on a mission to making the industry greener, by expanding the VSD+ technology to compressors with higher capacities.

The Atlas Copco Group’s commitment to sustainability runs in every new innovation, from a revolutionary product like the VSD+ to the smallest component: when new products are developed, energy-efficiency is always top of mind. Industry-leading compressors, together with more efficient electronics, (built-in) heat and energy recovery systems, more sustainable production methods and materials, Atlas Copco lives up to its promise of “sustainable productivity” for its customers, while saving the environment. Atlas Copco cannot take 50 000 cars off the road every year, but for sure build industry-leading compressors that are ready for the future.

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