Anglian Compressors welcomes the expansion of Atlas Copco’s Cerades™ solid desiccant air dryer range with six new smaller CD+ dryer sizes

Atlas Copco’s groundbreaking Cerades™ desiccant dryer technology has revolutionised compressed air dryer design and performance.

Anglian Compressors is excited to announce that customers seeking smaller adsorption dryers can now choose Atlas Copco CD+ models with a flow range of 5 to 30 l/s.

Two years ago, Atlas Copco unveiled its CD+ adsorption dryers featuring the innovative Cerades™ desiccant. This structured desiccant offers health and environmental benefits, superior air quality, and reduced energy and service costs compared to traditional activated alumina, molecular sieve, or silica gel beads. Initially, the CD+ series covered an inlet flow range of 20 to 335 l/s.

Atlas Copco has now added six new models, extending the CD+ flow range from 5 to 335 l/s.

Health and Environmental Advantages

Cerades™ desiccant technology provides significant health and environmental benefits. One key advantage is the elimination of desiccant dust. Traditional desiccant beads wear down over time during the drying process, releasing fine dust into the air system. Without additional filtration, these dust particles can compromise product quality and pose health and environmental risks during desiccant replacement. Cerades™ ensures safe maintenance and ISO 8573-1:2010 Class 2 air purity for particles without extra filtration.

Moreover, Cerades™ adsorbs CO2 in addition to moisture. As atmospheric CO2 levels rise, the changing mixture of nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide impacts many industrial processes, measurement devices, and products. Cerades™ enhances quality by reducing compressed air’s CO2 content below 20 ppm.

Exceptional Energy Efficiency

Cerades™ consists of straight structured tubes, enabling compressed air to flow with minimal resistance compared to loose beads. This significantly reduces pressure drop and lowers energy consumption and operating costs for CD+ dryers.

The CD+ dryer also boasts highly efficient regeneration of saturated desiccant. Its cutting-edge energy management control with Dew Point Dependent Switching ensures regeneration only commences when dryer conditions demand it. This extended cycle time can yield energy savings of up to 90%.

Operate continuously at 100% airflow

A standout feature of the CD+ series is its ability to operate continuously at 100% airflow, surpassing most dryers that achieve only 70-80%. The CD+ range provides a standard pressure dewpoint of -20°C/-5°F, -40°C/-40°F, and -70°C/-100°F, with the option to adjust the dewpoint for specific applications.

CD+ dryers feature the Elektronikon® Touch operating system with advanced control options to optimize dryer performance and efficiency, as well as remote SMARTLINK monitoring.

Cerades™ remains at the forefront of compressed air dryer innovation and performance, significantly enhancing dryer design, efficiency, safety, and performance.

With the introduction of smaller dryer sizes, a new segment of customers can now benefit from this cutting-edge technology.

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