Healthy compressor oils & lubricants

We all know that successful businesses have happy, healthy employees. But did you know that air compressors can also benefit from wellbeing initiatives, which in turn will help increase your factory’s productivity?

Amongst all the talk about health and wellness at work, don’t let your compressor feel left out. Treat it to a simple health check and it will reward you with optimal performance and lower energy consumption.

Healthy compressor oils & lubricants

The optimal operation of a compressor is dependent upon lubricants to reduce wear and to seal, cool and clean. It is vital to change oil as per the maintenance schedule, and to ensure that the additive balance is exactly right for the specific compressor range. Non-specific substitutes are likely to cause problems such as poor lubrication, halved lifetime of all moving parts, and sludge formation. Regularly give your compressor the most nutritious oils to support its vital functions!

Optimal running through service

There is no quick fix for keeping your air compressor installation at its peak performance. You have to start early, make a long-term plan, stick to it, and invest time and effort to get the best results in terms of increased uptime and decreased running costs. Our skilled service engineers follow the maintenance recommendations of the original equipment manufacturer, whichever brand it is. Look after your compressed air equipment and invest in its uptime with our tailored service options to suit your needs.

Compressor overhaul

Not the right time to consider a replacement compressor? A genuine replacement element, motor or converter can rejuvenate your compressor at a fraction of the cost of buying a whole new machine. An overhaul maximises the efficiency and performance of a tired compressor and reduces, or even avoids, the risk of a breakdown. Restore your compressor’s smile with an overhaul!

Original spare parts

The impact on compressor performance from fitting non-genuine components is hard to ignore. It can lead to higher energy consumption and lower compressor output. The simple truth is that only using original spare parts can deliver the compressor’s designed performance and efficiency, guaranteeing long equipment life. Feed your compressor the best quality spare parts, regardless which brand it is, to keep it in top health.

Total responsibility service

With a total responsibility service plan, our experienced engineers take care of all your compressor maintenance and upgrades. They proactively repair to prevent any problems and ensure reliability between visits. Let your compressor relax in the knowledge that all risk is covered by Atlas Copco, for an all-inclusive price, when you have a Total Responsibility Service Plan.

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