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Nitrogen is one of the most abundant elements on the planet, so much so, that about four-fifths of every breath you take is nitrogen. And it’s incredibly useful: non-toxic and with low reactivity, it’s found in processes from making delicate pastries to forging steel. But many don’t realise how easy it can be to generate their own nitrogen.

Anglian Compressors have been serving the region’s businesses since the 1970s, installing and servicing air compressors and associated equipment to help those businesses keep running. And, whether you need nitrogen for the first time, or are looking at changing from expensive bottled deliveries, we can help you.

Essential for business, but cheap to make

Surprisingly, generating nitrogen can be substantially cheaper than relying on bottled supplies. It’s been several hundred years since the gas was first isolated, and in that time the technology has been perfected, so we can offer all-in-one nitrogen skids that provide all the nitrogen you need.

If you want a nitrogen generator for a Wellingborough business, Anglian Compressors can help. We can assess your business processes and needs, identifying exactly the set-up that will give you the volume and purity of nitrogen you require, both now, and in the future.

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Nitrogen Generator St Neots

The best option for your business

Many businesses don’t realise how simple having their own on-site nitrogen generation is. And Anglian Compressors can take care of the complete process, helping you decide the best option to meet your requirement, through to installation and then maintenance afterwards. And, as many of our customers have found, on-site nitrogen generation in Wellingborough or elsewhere, is considerably cheaper than bottled nitrogen deliveries.

If you want to be self-sufficient in your nitrogen needs, or just want to explore the potential of nitrogen skids with advice from the region’s experts, just get in touch with Anglian Compressors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can an on-site nitrogen skid produce nitrogen at the exact purity level I need?

Nitrogen’s many uses require different levels of purity. Having your own skid means you can have exactly the level of purity you need. This helps avoid waste, and saves the costs of having to buy bottled nitrogen at a higher purity than you need.

How can I get an on-site nitrogen skid for my business?

Just get in touch with Anglian Compressors. We can take you through every step, from assessing your needs and workflow, to installation and ongoing servicing.

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Shoes, iron, and small businesses

Like many towns in the area, Wellingborough had an association with the shoe industry. However, the presence of iron ore near the town also boosted the economy, especially during the Industrial Revolution. Sadly, as the seam become harder to work, the area saw a decline.

But, following a period of rapid expansion in the 1970s, Wellingborough has become a business hub, acting as home to around 2,500 businesses. Many of the businesses come from the tech sector, including not just traditional engineering, but growing fields like renewable energy, and even motorsports.

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