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As well as being proud suppliers of Atlas Copco compressors and industrial equipment such as nitrogen generators, Anglian Compressors provide full servicing and maintenance options for any manufacturer’s equipment. Our engineers take pride in making sure that every compressor they work with operates at it’s best and for as long as possible; indeed, some of our newer engineers work on compressors that are as old as they are!

Our fixed-price contracts include everything from routine servicing and maintenance, to emergency call-outs, so you can rest-assured that whatever your situation, Anglian Compressors will be there to keep things running the way they should.

Nitrogen generation: the best way for your business

Using an on-site nitrogen skid offers significant benefits over bottled deliveries. Producing your own nitrogen is more cost-effective, eliminating waste and saving both your budget and the environment from the costs of regular deliveries. And that amounts to a significant saving, a good-quality, well-serviced nitrogen skid will pay for itself many times over.

Anglian Compressors can offer you a free consultation. We can show how nitrogen generation can improve your existing processes and illustrate the potential savings you could be making.

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Nitrogen Generator St Neots

Get a consultation from the nitrogen experts

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses install their own nitrogen generators in Spalding and across the region. One thing they all have in common, as well as using nitrogen, is that they have seen significant savings as a result. Whether you are considering nitrogen generation to make your processes more efficient, or for the increase in your bottom line, just get in touch.

Anglian Compressors are the experts in compressed air and nitrogen generation. We can offer you a consultation and review, so you can see exactly what difference nitrogen generation can make to your business. And, once you know, we can help you choose, install, and maintain your generator to make sure you realise all those benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does on-site nitrogen generation help reduce waste?

Because you have control over the generation process, you can produce only what you need. That avoids the waste that comes from unused bottles, or having to buy nitrogen to a higher specification than you require, as well as all the transportation costs (and pollution).

Does on-site nitrogen generation have an environmental impact?

It actually improves the environment. The by-products are just components of air: oxygen and water vapour. And because you are reducing waste and vehicle movements for deliveries, you are reducing the overall carbon emissions that your site requires.

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Spalding, not just about flowers

In the heart of the Fens, Spalding’s wealth was derived from agriculture, and, specifically, flowers. Taking advantage of the fertile soil of the drained fenland, the area is a major centre for the cultivation of vegetables and a major supplier to both domestic and international retailers.

However, it is best known for it’s tulips. In it’s growing heyday, the area celebrated the tulip with an annual flower parade that attracted hundreds of thousands of people to the area. The annual event ended in 2013 when declining interest meant funding was stopped. However, it was restarted in 2023, becoming a more varied event, including not just flowers, but also Imperial Stormtroopers from Star Wars.

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