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Compressed air is at the heart of our business — it’s part of the Anglian Compressors name, after all. But it’s not all we do. Supplying and servicing nitrogen generation equipment is not only one of our most popular services, but for some, it’s the most important service we offer.

Whether it’s providing a new nitrogen generation skid, or a comprehensive servicing plan for existing plant, we’ve helped companies in Peterborough and across the region become self-sufficient in their nitrogen generation. With their own on-site nitrogen generation, they can streamline their production and manufacturing processes, saving a lot of money in the process.

About nitrogen generators in Peterborough

The air we breathe is mostly nitrogen, about 78%, in fact. Because nitrogen is an inert gas — one that doesn’t easily react with anything — it’s invaluable in a range of processes where impurities, even just water vapour, can cause problems.

However, using delivered nitrogen is inefficient. Whether as a high-pressure compressed gas or liquid nitrogen deliveries, it is costly to transport. Additionally, the bottles need management and storage while on-site, and it can be difficult to manage supply to minimise waste. When you have a nitrogen generation system, costs can be cut by half.

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Tapping into the nitrogen you need, when you need it

It’s important to keep costs down, especially in today’s tough business climate, but having your own nitrogen production unit does more than that. It can make your entire process easier. Your staff will appreciate the convenience of having nitrogen literally on tap. Your warehouse managers will be pleased that they no longer have to manage bottles of nitrogen. 

The environment will benefit from all those deliveries that are no longer needed. And, of course, everyone will welcome the lower costs and improved products you can offer.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your business’s efficiency and sustainability. Contact Anglian Compressors today for a free consultation on how to get started with on-site nitrogen generation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the industrial uses of nitrogen?

Nitrogen has a range of uses, but generally, it’s used when a ‘purer’ atmosphere is needed. For example, in food packaging, where it helps prevent spoilage from moisture, or in manufacture, where other common components in the air, such as oxygen, can interact with processes like soldering.

Is making nitrogen on our premises safe?

Absolutely. Every lungful of air you take is mostly nitrogen, and the generation process is, essentially, just removing other components from the air. Our regularly serviced nitrogen generators can provide you with safe, dependable, and on-demand nitrogen. 


Why is on-site production cheaper?

A large part of the saving is from the delivery. Nitrogen is a light gas but comes in heavy bottles. These are expensive to move around even when they are empty, by removing the cost of transport, and all the handling and management that involves, you are simply paying for the costs of generation.

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Peterborough’s place at the heart of England

Peterborough has an important geographical position. Sitting on the A1/A1(M) and the East Coast Main Line, it acts as a hub location for the midlands.

It has a diverse economy supported by everything from food, grown or processed in nearby agricultural areas, to electronics and technology, developed and manufactured in the booming ‘Silicon Fen’. And all have processes that rely on high-grade nitrogen. 

Embrace the benefits of self-sufficiency in nitrogen production and join the growing number of companies enjoying the convenience and cost savings it provides.

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