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The world may have transformed since Anglian Compressors started in 1977. However, one thing has remained consistent: Our commitment to providing the best quality compressors and nitrogen generators, and our passion in keeping them running — whether we installed them or not — so our customers can focus on their business.

If you’re looking for something new, then we supply the world-leading Atlas Copco range. But if you already have equipment in place and want to know it’s being well maintained, our fixed-price servicing contracts can cover any manufacturer, taking care of all your servicing and maintenance needs.

Keeping food fresh

One of the biggest uses of nitrogen is in food packaging. Because nitrogen can be produced easily and is non-toxic, it’s often used to flush food packaging to remove the water vapour that can cause food to spoil. Indeed, when people complain about too much air in their bags of crisps, they actually mean nitrogen, and Leicester’s Walkers is one of the country’s biggest users of nitrogen.

But whether big or small, if you use nitrogen, then you can benefit from the savings and convenience of an on-site nitrogen generator skid.

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Get a review of your nitrogen needs

You might already have decided that you want an on-site nitrogen skid, or you might just be looking at your use and wondering if it’s right for you. Either way, we have decades of experience and can help you. Our experts can take you through the options, and even show you how getting your nitrogen generator in Leicester would work in practice.

We can even review your current arrangements and show how they would compare with generation, so you know how much you can save and can make an informed decision. To start that process, just get in touch with us today and we can arrange an informal chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much control do I have with an on-site skid?

When you have an on-site skid, you also have control over what it produces. Bottled nitrogen has to satisfy many different users, so is often over-specified, but your skid can be set to produce exactly the purity, pressure, and volume that you need when you need it.

Does the nitrogen production process produce any harmful waste?

None. Because it’s separated from the air we breathe, the by-products are harmless oxygen and water vapour.

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One of the UK’s largest, and most diverse, economies

Leicester is one of the UK’s larger cities and one of its largest local economies. The town is probably most famous for its textile industry. At one point it was one of Europe’s richest cities and proudly boasted that Leicester ‘clothed the world’. Although many of the big names have disappeared, the town is still home to many smaller businesses working in the textile industry.

One of the lasting effects has been Leicester’s diversity. The city’s opportunities have attracted migrants, domestic and international, for thousands of years, a process that still continues. And recent research has suggested that Narborough Road is the UK’s most diverse street, with shopkeepers from 22 different countries.

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