Nitrogen Generator Huntingdon

Compressed air and nitrogen generation is essential to many businesses, helping to keep their factories and units running smoothly, equipment functioning, and providing the clean atmosphere that enhances the quality of their products. 

Anglian Compressors exist to make sure that happens for all their customers with nitrogen generation in Huntingdon.

For over 40 years, we have been proud suppliers of Atlas Copco compressors. But we also offer servicing and maintenance contracts, helping businesses to ensure their equipment, whoever manufactured it, is always running at its best. And because we charge a fixed price, it helps them to keep their costs low too!

Getting a compact and cost-effective nitrogen skid

An on-site nitrogen generation skid is a surprisingly compact way to produce all the nitrogen that your business requires. Entirely self-contained, the generator uses a compressor to separate the nitrogen from the air we breathe. And it can produce nitrogen to the precise purity you need, so however you use nitrogen, a skid can take care of it.

That complete customisation results in long-term value for your business. You will not just save on costly deliveries, but as the skids can fit in with your processes, you can see dramatic improvements to your workflow’s efficiencies.

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Can you cut your costs in half?

Many assume that using bottled nitrogen is convenient. But it means having to manage the deliveries, storing bottles, and paying the delivery charges. By comparison, a nitrogen skid gives you total control over when, how much, and the quality of nitrogen you produce. And when you’ve had our training and support, you’ll be amazed at how simple it is.

Some of our clients have seen their nitrogen costs cut in half, as well as the additional benefits of improving their workflow’s efficiency. To find out what different an on-site nitrogen generator can make to your business, just get in touch with Anglian Compressors today to arrange a consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Isn’t an on-site nitrogen skid expensive?

Like any equipment, there are capital and operational costs. However, even when allowing for purchase, running, and maintenance, the total lifetime cost of a nitrogen skid is significantly less than purchasing bottled nitrogen.

Where can I get an on-site nitrogen skid for my business?

Anglian Compressors are proud partners of Atlas Copco and can install anything from their high-quality range of generators. Just get in touch with us, and we can help you choose the right skid for your needs.

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Revolution, Restoration, and revelry

As the birthplace of Oliver Cromwell, Huntingdon can claim responsibility for England’s brief spell as a republic. And, because Pepys attended school there — the same one that Cromwell had attended years before — also for a lot of what we know about Restoration England. Or at least some of the more debauched aspects that Pepys entertainingly described!

However, Huntingdon is also popular for its celebration of another historical giant, Shakespeare. Despite there being no connection between the town and The Bard, they hold an annual Shakespeare Festival, in which the whole town becomes a stage and many of the residents get the chance to become players.

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