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Anglian Compressors started trading over 40 years ago, but our commitment to quality has always been consistent. Today we are premier distributors of Atlas Copco compressors and nitrogen generators, in Bury St Edmunds and throughout the area. Hundreds of local businesses rely on us to ensure that their equipment — whatever the make — is maintained in peak condition.

In all that time we’ve continued to build our experience and expertise, so we are confident that whatever your needs, we can find you a solution that not only works for you but is cost-effective.

Better than bottles, how nitrogen generation helps your business

Many businesses use bottled nitrogen, perhaps not knowing how easy it is to produce or the benefits on-site production can bring.

Some are obvious, producing your own nitrogen gives you total control. You can generate exactly the amount, pressure, and purity of nitrogen you need, and don’t have to fit in with the standard orders offered for delivery. But it also provides benefits for your workplace. By removing the need for bottle storage and management it can liberate space, and by reducing the movement of heavy canisters, can remove risks, making it safer.

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How to cut your costs in half

Moving to on-site nitrogen generation can result in considerable savings for your business. Nitrogen is an incredibly abundant element, so when you buy nitrogen a lot of what you pay for is delivery and bottle management. How much you save will depend on your use, but we have seen customers save as much as 50% on their nitrogen costs.

We’ve helped many businesses install and maintain their nitrogen skids. If you want to start generating your nitrogen, or just want to better understand your options, get in touch with us today and we can arrange a consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any risk with on-site nitrogen generation?

On-site generation can be safer than deliveries. The movement and storage of bottled nitrogen, especially liquid nitrogen, which is close to -200ºC carries plenty of risks. Producing nitrogen when needed removes these risks.

Does on-site production save money?

Getting your own nitrogen generator in Bury St Edmunds will result in a significant saving over the lifetime of the skid. After factoring in the cost of the equipment and associated running costs, servicing, and even depreciation, producing nitrogen on-site is so much cheaper than deliveries that most businesses will pay for their investment several times over.

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Suffolk’s food town

Bury St Edmunds developed around the Abbey built to commemorate King Edmund, or Edmund the martyr. Following his death battling Vikings in the ninth century, a cult grew around his legacy and his remains were — eventually — buried in what is now Bury St Edmunds. Many consider him the first patron saint of England.

The area is now better known for food and drink. The Greene King brewery is based there, and the town has become a destination for those seeking the best in food and drink. The town is home to Suffolk’s only Michelin-starred restaurant and, every August, hosts a popular food and drink festival.

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