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Compressed air is at the heart of our business, we trade as Anglian Compressors after all, but we know that it isn’t just the compressor that’s important. That’s why we also offer equipment like nitrogen generators, installation, pipework, servicing, and maintenance across the region.

Whatever our equipment is used for, from simply driving production lines, to generating high-purity nitrogen from delicate processes, our clients have come to rely on our experience and expertise to help them get the most from their plant and keep it operating at optimum levels.

Nitrogen, a hard-working element

Nitrogen is a workhorse element, and is useful in anything from packing food, improving soldering in electronics, to treating metals.

And it’s one of the most common elements, making up most of the air we breathe. That means that for many businesses that rely on nitrogen, they can make significant savings by manufacturing it, almost literally from thin air. With an on-site nitrogen skid, you can improve not only your production efficiency, but help the environment by cutting polluting bottled nitrogen deliveries.

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The easy way to simple nitrogen generation

You might have thought that generating nitrogen was a major industrial process, but actually, it’s a relatively simple task that you can manage with a compact all-in-one nitrogen generator in Bourne, or anywhere else you need nitrogen. 

We can offer you a consultation, taking you through steps and helping you identify a location that works for you. And we know from experience that our customers enjoy considerable savings when they generate their own nitrogen: saving not just on the cost of deliveries, but also from the additional efficiency on-site generation brings. Just get in touch to find out how you can benefit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an on-site nitrogen skid for my business?

The easiest, and quickest, way to start generating your own nitrogen is to get in touch with us. At Anglian Compressors, we have been helping businesses for over forty years. Our engineers can help identify the right tnitrogen generator for you, how it can fit into your workflow, and then install it.

Can the on-site nitrogen skid produce nitrogen at the exact purity level required for production?

Purity is a key concern for many, too low, and it can affect quality, too high, and it’s just wasting money on an over-specified product. However, your on-site nitrogen skid can generate nitrogen at the precise purity you need. And our regular servicing will ensure that it stays at that purity throughout it’s working life.

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Bourne’s agriculture and innovation

Sitting in southern Lincolnshire, Bourne started to thrive as a town when drainage of the fens made agriculture a lucrative option. The corn trade that followed funded much of the town’s growth and remains important even today. More general food processing and packaging industries have, naturally, been attracted to the area.

The area also has an innovative streak. It was home to two motor-racing marques in the 20th century, and more recently has seen hydroponic farming — a method of intensive growing without the need for earth — start in the area.

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