Wisbech Air Compressor Servicing

Anglian Compressors not only install air compressors — although we proudly supply Atlas Copco compressors — but also provides a full range of service, maintenance, and support options for our customers.

Compressed air is not just about the compressor but can be about a whole business. Ensuring that your compressed air equipment operates efficiently and reliably can be crucial. With a range of uses, a poor-quality air compressor might slow manufacturing processes, meaning order deadlines are missed. Even worse is the compressed air quality might be so poor that it isn’t considered food-grade, spoiling an entire consignment of packaged food. We support our customers on site to ensure that never happens to them.

Wisbech’s Diverse Economy

Wisbech, despite its relatively small size, is home to a number of high-quality museums and tourist destinations and attracts thousands of people each year. Most visitors, however, will not realise that the town has a small international port, Cambridgeshire’s only direct access to the sea, which serves a large part of East Anglia.

The Port of Wisbech has, over the years, helped to support an incredibly diverse set of local businesses. Indeed, it’s hard to imagine a sector that isn’t represented in Wisbech’s economy. From growing, processing, and packing food and brewing, to engineering, manufacture, and transport, it all happens at Wisbech.

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Wisbech Air Compressor Servicing

Air Compressors in Wisbech

Although Wisbech’s economy is diverse, many of the businesses share a need for compressed air, and they all need it to be high quality.

Air compressors drive numerous processes in factories and warehouses, but to work well, the equipment needs to be in good condition. In sectors like food packaging, it’s vital that air compressors have good air quality. Water in the air can cause food to spoil, for example, while nitrogen, used for packing, needs to be food-grade.

As well as providing Atlas Copco installation, our dedicated team can service air compressors from all manufacturers on the market, testing every element of your compressed air system, providing data on performance and even your written scheme of examination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I get water in my air lines?

This is a surprisingly common question, even when driers have been installed. If water is a problem, it’s important to get an engineer to investigate, there could be several causes and the water can corrode the compressor and risk damage.

Possible causes can include things like the drain not working or the condenser being blocked, to problems with the gas or the condenser being too small. It can also be an issue if the compressor is installed incorrectly, for example not allowing for the ambient conditions it works in.

How can I improve air quality?

There are various measures that can improve quality and reliability, such as installing micro-fine filters, activated carbon filters and driers. However, as well as the installation cost, these will add to running costs.

We can test and audit your system and offer advice on exactly what measures you need to take to reach the air-quality standard you need, ensuring you install a cost-effective solution that works for you.

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