Wellingborough Air Compressor Servicing

Anglian Compressors has, since 1977, been installing and servicing the compressed air equipment for businesses across Northamptonshire and the Midlands. We supply and install the full range of Atlas Copco compressors, as well as offering service and maintenance, with genuine parts, for air compressor models from any manufacturer.

And we do more than just service your compressor; we can handle all your industrial generation requirements including on-site nitrogen generation, oxygen generation, and vacuum pumps. Our team of trained engineers are fully qualified and offer a 24/7 response service, as well as holding a stock of portable hire units to ensure that you are never without the plant you need. 

Wellingborough’s industrial heritage

A large market town, Wellingborough can boast origins as one of the country’s most important towns. Mentioned in the Domesday Book, it was sufficiently large, and important, enough to receive a royal charter from King John in 1201.

The presence of iron ore in the nearby countryside, along with its location and good transport links, established Wellingborough as an industrial centre, and today it remains home to automotive and tool production businesses, as well as serving as a significant warehousing hub. And all these industries rely on air compressors.

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Wellingborough Air Compressor Servicing

Compressed air systems in Wellingborough

It’s important for any business to keep costs low, and we’ve built a reputation for helping customers run their equipment in the most cost-effective way possible.

We install some of the most energy-efficient equipment available on the market, including variable speed compressors, which can cut energy costs without compromising performance.

During every service or repair, our engineer will check every part of their installation to identify issues like air leaks or contamination, and use the data we collect to fine-tune your system to make it as effective and efficient as possible for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most energy-efficient compressor?

Energy efficiency is becoming more and more important for businesses, and as premier Atlas Copco installers, we would recommend their variable speed range of compressors. Their IE5 oil-cooled motors, zero loss drive, air-end profile and zero loss drains, all go towards making them about the most efficient compressor in their class.

How often do compressors need servicing?

This will depend on several factors, most importantly how much it is used. For a lightly used compressors, once a year is usually enough, allowing for a thorough check and a change of oil and filters. However, compressed air equipment should be checked at least weekly to identify any potential problems early.

We have a choice of service options that will fully cover any service needs and have packages that also include the costs of any maintenance or repairs needed. Your compressor is an investment in your business, and regular services are the best way to ensure a good return on your money; we are servicing compressors that are still going strong after more than 20 years of work!

What industries in Wellingborough use your services?

Our services are used by a wide range of industries in Wellingborough, from automotive and tool production businesses to significant warehousing hubs, all of which rely on air compressors.

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