Thetford Air Compressor Servicing

Compressed air systems are essential in industries across the region, whether powering distribution centres or generating nitrogen for precision laser cutting. We are proud to have provided and serviced the best air equipment throughout East Anglia for over forty years.

As a premier distributor and partner in compressed air solutions, our local experts can provide compressor installation for the full range of Atlas Copco units, plus we service compressed air systems from any manufacturer. With a 24/7 operation, our team of engineers are always on hand for all your installation, servicing, and repair needs. Ensuring your compressor serves you efficiently, so you can serve your customers with peace of mind.

Thetford and Air Compressors

Compressed air plays a major role in the remaining food packaging businesses, where vacuum pumps are used to remove air from packaging, and nitrogen is used for flushing packs and minimising the moisture that can cause food to spoil. High-tech businesses also use compressors heavily, from using compressed air and vacuums to create dust-free environments to nitrogen for laser cutting.

Whatever the requirement, our engineers are on hand to service compressors and all the ancillary equipment to ensure a trouble-free solution for businesses that depend on their reliable operation. Contact us today for guidance on our comprehensive range of products and services.

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Thetford Air Compressor Servicing

Thetford’s growth in the tech corridor

Close to the Suffolk border, Thetford, for most of its history, was a small market town until, like many other towns in the region, it saw a large expansion following the Second World War. Keeping that Second World War link, it also served as a filming location for the BBC comedy Dad’s Army.

More recently, it was, like many towns in the area, reliant on the food and agriculture industry, with large food processing and packaging operations forming a major part of the local economy. As these closed, they have been replaced by numerous smaller businesses taking advantage of Thetford’s position in the Norwich-Cambridge tech corridor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an expert to service my compressors?

Yes. Compressors are complex equipment and potentially dangerous. Using a fully trained engineer is important to ensure the safety of your staff and customers. They will also check the machine to ensure it’s running as efficiently as possible, and we only ever use original manufacturer parts, helping to reduce the risk of failure and to make your compressor as cost-effective as possible.

Can you provide the written scheme of examination (WSE)?

Regulations on compressors in the workplace place a duty on you to be capable of proving that your system is safe. To achieve this, you need to have a WSE in place; this will detail examinations and servicing, as well as schematics and critical information about your equipment. As compressor experts, we can help you cover all your WSE requirements.

How can I improve my air quality?

When used with food, or in high-tech situations, high-quality air is paramount. Quality can be improved with micro-fine and activated carbon filters, and the installation of dryers. Our experts and their analysis can help you identify the exact measures you need to take to achieve the standard you require, helping to keep your costs low but your quality high.

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