St Neots Air Compressor Servicing

At Anglian Compressors, we have been serving businesses across Cambridgeshire and beyond, providing and installing Atlas Copco compressors, followed by the servicing for these and other makes of air compressors, and all associated machinery.

We offer a free air check, assessing and analysing your compressed air equipment to help identify problems early, and suggest improvements to get the best out of your equipment. We have built a reputation for high-quality services, and have worked with every type of business imaginable, to help them get the highest performance possible from their equipment.

St Neots business and industrial services

St Neots became a destination for pilgrims after the remains of Saint Neot were brought from Cornwall to the area over a thousand years ago. The fame of the relics meant the area, then the whole town, became known as St Neots.

It has grown since then to become Cambridgeshire’s largest town, with only the cities of Cambridge and Peterborough home to larger populations. Today, the town hosts a range of enterprises, including technology, light industrial businesses, and even a small power station. And they all use compressed air.

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St Neots Air Compressor Servicing

St Neots and compressed air

Unsurprisingly, the town’s population and location — it sits between several major towns and cities, including Cambridge, Peterborough, Luton, Northampton, and Milton Keynes — has attracted a diverse set of industries.

And while air compressors are often associated with heavy industry, air compressors can be found in dozens of St Neots businesses, from precision engineering, CNC machining and sheet metal fabricators, to packaging manufacturers and powder coating.

Our skilled engineers aren’t just compressor experts, they have experience of working in almost every type of light industry, where they learn the needs of the business, and ensure that their compressors work in the best possible way to maximise efficiency and productivity. However big your business or needs, we can help from the first installation to a lifetime of servicing and care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you install compressors?

We are proud partners of Atlas Copco and we install from their award-winning range. From small modifications to complete systems, our team will design a compressed air system that works for you, ensuring that it does not impede operations, and allows easy access so ongoing servicing and maintenance can keep it in top condition.

We can even offer a choice of materials to suit your needs.

Can you offer ongoing servicing?

Yes, and we can offer this for any type of compressor, not just Atlas Copco, whether we installed it or not. Our service and maintenance packages vary according to your needs. From one-off unplanned repair and servicing to long-term maintenance contracts, we can keep your equipment running; one customer has a compressor, that is now used as their back up, that’s over twenty years old, thanks to our servicing!

And we always audit systems, providing results of the tests and data, so you can be confident not just that your system is working, but that we are offering site specific servicing cover, for your needs.

Do you have finance options?

We know that all our customers operate differently, so to help with your budget and cash-flow, we offer different ways to pay, including a standard credit account, hire-purchase, and contract rental.


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