Lincoln Air Compressor Servicing

Anglian Compressors have served the compressed air requirements of a range of businesses since the seventies, it means that, collectively, our engineers can boast hundreds of years of experience in almost any use imaginable.

We can install the full range of Atlas Copco compressors and can offer maintenance and repair for any brand of air compressor, as well as associated equipment like desiccant dryers. But perhaps our most popular service is our air check.

We will test every stage of your equipment, checking the air quality and performance. At the end, you’ll know if and what you need, to make sure your equipment is performing as well as possible. And, best of all, the air check is free!

Lincoln’s Industrial Heritage

Lincoln has been a settlement since pre-historic times, but it’s strategic position on a hill in a mostly flat county made it ideal for a major Roman settlement, and the city had thrived since then. A sign of it’s wealth was the Cathedral, for two hundred years it was the world’s tallest building.

During the First and Second World Wars it’s industry was directed to the war effort. Lincolnshire was home to the world’s first tanks, and the area became a centre for aviation. But while archive footage of planes rolling off conveyors and onto runways is common, factories were also producing portable air compressors. These would accompany planes to their stations where they were used for a range of maintenance tasks, from inflating tyres to operating pneumatic tools.

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Lincoln Air Compressor Servicing

Reliability in Air Compressors

Regardless of sector, the reliability of air compressors is paramount. In sectors like food production, for example, air quality must be high to avoid contamination. While in an industrial process like laser cutting, if the air is not clean and dry it can impact the quality of the finish, in the worst cases resulting in the loss of materials as cuts must be re-done.

Our air check can help identify problems, often before they are too serious, allowing remedial action. And, when major repairs are needed, we have a fleet of air compressors and refrigeration driers on stand-by, ensuring that, with us, you will always have high-quality air compressors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an air compressor service mean?

The level of servicing will depend on the use and age of the compressor. Regular servicing will not only extend the life of the compressor, but will also reduce the overall amount of work that is needed.

Typically, a service may only require a check of the machinery and changing oil and filters. If the machine is old, or perhaps hasn’t been serviced regularly in the past, it might require a full overhaul, with the motor, valves and drive trains all being serviced.

How often should my compressor be serviced

Because the oil can absorb water, which causes corrosion, it should be serviced at least once a year. However, depending on use, it might need servicing more often.

We offer a range of fixed-price contracts and will manage your servicing for you, monitoring when they are due as well as including any callouts that are needed in the meantime.

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