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Anglian Compressors understand how important reliable compressed air is to businesses. Whatever the industry, our customers rely on their compressors, and that’s why we make sure they can rely on us. We have been a UK leader in air compressors and all associated equipment.

As well as installing the full range of Atlas Copco machines, we offer repair and servicing on all makes and models of air compressors.

Our fully trained and qualified engineers are available round-the-clock, so regardless of the time of day, you know you have an expert on call. From dealing with breakdowns to routine servicing, our clients know that whatever their installation and requirements, Anglian Compressors is there for them.

Compressors Leicester

Compressed air is used in a range of industries in the area. One such use is to drive conveyors, making it commonplace in warehouses and distribution companies, but also in manufacturing, such as clothing, where it can help move products along the supply chain.

A lesser known use is in the production of nitrogen for food packaging. By flushing packages with nitrogen, it replaces the air and helps prevent food spoiling. Walkers crisps — a long-standing local business and perhaps one of the countries largest users of nitrogen in this way — even boast about the process as one of the ways they keep their crisps crisp!

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Air Compressor Servicing Leicester

Leicester’s industrial economy

Leicester is the East Midlands’ largest city, and with a history that can be traced over at least two millennia, it is one of the country’s oldest continuous settlements. Part of its affluent history is down to the strategic importance of its location, meaning it was ideal during times of conflict, whether it was the Roman invasion or the English civil wars. However, that position also helped to drive its industry.

The city has a long association with the textile and food industries, which both make use of compressed air today. However, in modern times these have been joined by world-leading engineering firms, encouraged by the local universities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I need a service?

The absolute minimum that we recommend for our Leicester compressor clients is once a year, this is because the oil in your compressed air system can absorb moisture and cause corrosion. However, it is possible you will need more frequent servicing. Check your manufacturer’s recommendations and your use, along with the environment, to ensure you have the correct services, when needed. This will maximise the working life of your compressor, as well as ensure optimum performance and safety.

We offer a choice of service options, including packages that will include cover for breakdowns as well as regular servicing.

How long can I hire an air compressor for?

Our hire options are incredibly flexible, so as long as you need them! Whether it’s only for one day, or indefinitely, we can provide the compressor hire you need for all Leicester based businesses.

Can you provide out-of-hours cover?

Many of our customers work round-the-clock, and we know that even with servicing, a breakdown won’t happen when it’s convenient. We always have engineers from our experienced team available, plus we keep a supply of manufacturer parts, as well as replacement units, available so that we can assist with even the worst-timed breakdown.

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