Air Compressor Servicing Stevenage

Anglian Compressors have been providing air compressor installation and maintenance services for more than four decades, and our team of skilled engineers can boast centuries of collective experience. We install the award-winning Atlas Copco range of compressed air equipment, but can service and maintain any compressor equipment, regardless of manufacturer.

Our team offers customers a true 24/7 service, helping ensure that whenever a business relies on compressed air, they can rely on us to make sure it is working. Whether it’s fixing an unexpected fault or providing ongoing servicing, Anglian Compressors take pride in helping businesses in Stevenage, and across the area, keep their air compressors in service, while keeping their costs low.

Stevenage industrial need for air compressors

Although Stevenage had seen some expansion with the arrival of the railways, during the Second World War it was reckoned to have fewer than 6,000 residents. However, its designation as the first ‘new town’ in 1946, followed by the nearby towns of Hemel Hempstead and Welwyn Garden City transformed that, with the building of new neighbourhoods for 60,000 new residents.

The new Stevenage soon attracted a host of industries and is now a centre for the pharmaceutical industry. But what many of the businesses based in and around Stevenage share is a need for compressed air. Whether it’s simply to drive factory equipment like conveyors, or high-grade air that can be used in sensitive operations like pharmaceutical manufacture, or food preparation, our team can help.

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Air Compressor Servicing Stevenage

Compressed air systems in Stevenage

Stevenage has long had a connection with the technology sector, although the pharmaceutical industry might be the highest profile now, for a long time, it was also a centre for the country’s aerospace businesses. The area now has a science park which attracts high-tech businesses and start-ups.

These often require the purest possible compressed air for processes that have a very low tolerance for impurities. Our engineers thoroughly check and test every part of every system we service, ensuring that the air compressor works exactly as it needs to, and does not risk contamination and the costly losses that might cause.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I improve the air quality from my compressed air system?

There are several measures you can take, such as adding micro-fine filters, activated carbon filters and dryers. However, these will add to the running and servicing costs of your equipment.

As part of our service, we don’t just check oil and replace filters, we offer full audits of equipment, and can offer advice on the exact measures you require to achieve the quality you need, so don’t pay for a higher quality than you require.

What is the most energy-efficient air compressor?

We supply the Atlas Copy variable speed drive range. Featuring IE5 oil-cooled motors, zero-loss drive, air-end profile, and zero-loss drains, these are among the most efficient and reliable compressors on the market.

And, of course, we can make sure it is serviced to your individual requirements, ensuring it’s one of the most cost-effective air compressors, too.

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