Air Compressor Servicing Peterborough

Anglian Compressors Ltd has called Peterborough its home ever since the company was started some 45 years ago. Air compressors are the core of our business, and we are a supplier of Atlas Copco compressors, but we offer our clients far much more.

Serving an area 300 miles wide, we help businesses to understand their compressed air use, helping them improve the quality of the air, to improve efficiency, lower costs, and raise their productivity. We can service any model of air compressor, and collect data at every stage, so our clients can be sure they are getting the best out of their compressed air system.

Peterborough’s growth as an economic centre

Archaeological evidence suggests that the area was settled by humans in the Iron and Bronze Ages. However, it was the arrival of the railways in the 19th century that saw Peterborough’s expansion really begin.

It quickly became an industrial centre, and its growth accelerated in the 1960s when it became a New Town. Although technology has transformed the UK’s industrial economy in that time, Peterborough’s geographical position means it remains a significant economic centre.

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Air Compressor Servicing Peterborough

Serving Peterborough’s Air Compressor needs

With a population of around 180,000 people and growing, Peterborough’s location has made it an obvious centre for offering warehousing and distribution solutions, with many major names setting up in the area.

But it also hosts a range of manufacturing and industrial businesses, as well as being the centre of one of the UK’s largest environmental hubs.

Compressed air can play a range of roles in all these units. From driving equipment to nitrogen production. And we are proud our purpose-built headquarters are on the doorstep to make sure local businesses keep running. Whether you need a service contract or an emergency repair from one of our fully trained engineers, available around the clock, we’re here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you really available at any time?

Yes. We know that in businesses like manufacture and distribution, it’s simply not possible to meet your client’s demands if you don’t work around the clock. So, because our customers work 24/7, so do we.
You can connect with our on-call engineer at any time. As we keep a range of replacement parts and back-up compressors at our Peterborough site, we can help you recover your services before most people’s working day has begun.

What servicing options do you offer?

We can provide anything from a one-off repair to a full range of long-term contract options, which include regular servicing and maintenance, as well as repairs when necessary.
If you aren’t sure what you need, just get in touch, and we can offer you a tailored option that is perfect for your compressor installation.

Do air compressors need expert servicing?

Whoever services your air compressors should be an expert. Compressors can be dangerous, and although air compressors are relatively simple, it requires complex equipment to do it safely and efficiently. Our team of engineers are fully trained, will test every part of your installation, sharing the data, and will only ever use OEM components, giving you the assurance that your compressors are giving you the best performance, and your staff and customers are safe.

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