Air Compressor Servicing Kings Lynn

We think compressed air is an unsung hero of the British economy! Go into warehouses, factories, and industrial units across the country, and you will see equipment and processes that depend on reliable compressed air.

We’ve been ensuring that all those businesses can rely on their air compressor installation, providing award-winning Atlas Copco compressors and servicing all air compressors since the 1970s. Whether you need a whole new installation, a check-up of your existing plant, or repairs for anything from the compressor to the pipework, our team at Anglian Compressors Ltd can cater to your needs, just as it has been doing for businesses across the region.

Compressed Air Systems in Kings Lynn

King’s Lynn’s heritage as a port and economic centre serving Norfolk and beyond has helped it develop a vibrant manufacturing, processing, and industrial economy. The port, in particular, has meant that King’s Lynn is home to a range of import and warehousing facilities and food processing.

The area hosts many nitrogen users, for whom the gas is essential for laser cutting, manufacturing, and food packaging. Its relatively inert chemistry can drive out moisture and prevent reactions that might spoil food. Our company covers all these needs, ensuring the safety and efficiency of compressed air systems, including maintenance and oil checks, with the support of our experienced team.

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Air Compressor Servicing Kings Lynn

Servicing your nitrogen production

We have a team of engineers trained to service your air compressors and nitrogen generation equipment. The uses for nitrogen mean there is little room for error. Without high-quality nitrogen laser cutters become less effective, and, of course, when dealing with food packaging, any additives, even if they are just flushing out the oxygen from the packaging, must be pure and food-grade.

We can inspect and service your nitrogen production, checking the percentage, so you know your compressor is working correctly. Whether it’s flushing oxygen from packing or protecting expensive laser cutting equipment, our engineers will make sure you can focus on what you do, rather than worrying about your compressed air system.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are your compressors covered by warranty

We provide Atlas Copco compressors, which have arguably the best service package of any compressor manufacturer. And we will extend the warranty of any compressor for as long as you have a service package with us.

We supply a range of service packages that will cover your needs, including regular standard servicing and breakdowns, in a single fixed price. We’re confident we can help you get the maximum value from your equipment; we have customers with air compressors installed more than 20 years ago that are still under warranty!

How often does an air compressor need servicing?

The manufacturer’s instructions will give a guide, but much will depend on the compressor and its use and should never be less than once a year to change oil and filters, and ensure the safety of the compressed air equipment.

Our service will not just undertake routine tasks, but can also identify and repair other issues that develop with normal wear and tear. With good preventative maintenance, there’s no reason your system won’t be one of those that is under warranty for decades, too!

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