Air Compressor Servicing Kettering

Anglian Compressors have been proudly installing and servicing air compressors in Kettering and throughout the region for decades. We offer installation of Atlas Copco compressors — which we highly recommend for their award-winning quality and excellent performance — and service and repairs to any type of compressed air equipment.

We know that compressed air is critical to businesses, whether it’s driving a conveyor or producing nitrogen, our engineers are ready to help. Regardless of your set-up, location, or even the time of day, our premier compressor services are here to keep your compressor and associated equipment — and your business — running.

Air Compressors in Kettering

Kettering, like much of Northamptonshire, has a historic connection with the footwear industry. But the local economy has evolved, with many small and medium-sized companies starting, along with warehousing and distribution hubs that take advantage of Kettering’s central location and transport links.

While the range of businesses they undertake are diverse, they all have something in common: compressed air. Used in a range of industrial plant, electronics and manufacturing processes, air compressors are essential for many local businesses.

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Air Compressor Servicing Kettering

Compressed Air Servicing in Kettering

Their importance means that many businesses struggle to operate in the event of an air compressor failure. While in some cases it might make the business harder and significantly less efficient, for example if it’s used to move a conveyor, for some it’s essential, like when it’s used to produce nitrogen for use in manufacture.

That’s why it’s critical to have a robust servicing plan in place. Anglian Compressors are the experts in keeping air compressors running as efficiently as possible. We offer service plans that will suit you. From call-out only, to full-service maintenance contracts that include regular inspections, checks and audits, and breakdown repair all included in the fee. Just get in touch to find out how we can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What servicing options do you provide?

We offer a full range of plans to meet customers’ needs. From one-off repair to long-term fixed-price contract that includes routine servicing, testing, and breakdown cover.

And, of course, we manage all the paperwork you will need to meet your obligations, whether they are insurers or regulators.

How often is air compressor maintenance necessary?

The absolute minimum is a service at least once a year. Even under low use, the oil in the compressor will absorb water that can corrode and damage the compressor.

However, most people will require more frequent planned maintenance depending on the equipment, its use, and the environment it is in. Our engineers will work with you to ensure that your service plan is exactly what you need, and no more.

What does compressor servicing include?

The type of service will depend on the life and use of the air compressor. Usually, it will be a simple oil and filter change. But as they age, normal wear and tear will mean that more intensive servicing might be required, for example a full overhaul and service of the motor, and replacement of worn parts.

Whatever service you need, our plans will ensure you are fully covered.

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