Air Compressor Servicing Huntingdon

Anglian Compressors have, over their more than forty years of operation, established themselves as the region’s compressed air equipment specialists. Offering installation from the Atlas Copco range of machines, as well as servicing and maintenance of any brand of compressor and associated equipment.

Our team of engineers boast decades of experience, working with every type of compressor,  used in all industries. Our range of service contracts covers everything from routine services to 24/7 breakdown cover, and can keep your equipment working at it’s best, so you know you can always rely on it.

Huntingdon and compressed air

Anglian Compressors take pride in servicing the compressed air installations of businesses in Huntingdon and throughout Cambridgeshire. We know that every business needs reliable equipment, and we take pride in keeping the compressors we service running at their very best.

But we also know that sectors such as technology often need to meet the very highest standards when it comes to operating quality. Precision engineering, for example, will need nitrogen with high purity to ensure quality in their work and avoid costly waste. Our dedicated engineers fully examine every part of the equipment they service, ensuring they only leave when everything is working to the highest possible standard.

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Air Compressor Servicing Huntingdon

Huntingdon’s world-changing history

A town steeped in history, Huntingdon was the birthplace of Oliver Cromwell — leader of the Parliamentarians — who brought puritanism to the country, and Samuel Pepys, the diarist who documented post-puritan life in London. However, modern Huntingdon is defined by it’s position as a large town in a rural area. Home to Huntingdon racecourse, the market town is home to a number of businesses working in the food and agriculture sector.

More recently, it has seen growth in areas like warehousing and distribution, alongside the technology centre that has developed throughout Cambridgeshire as a result of Cambridge University’s international tech leadership.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know when a service is due?

Most modern machines will run self-diagnostics that can warn you if attention is needed, but you should always check your machine for any sign that a service is required, like vibration or changes in operation, or signs of wear and tear.

We also track every compressor we service, so we can warn you when any of your equipment is due for a check-up or oil change.

How do I dispose of condensate from my compressed air system?

Condensate is considered an environmental waste. Fortunately, because there is only a small amount of oil in the water, it’s easy to manage.

Using an oil/water separator to filter the oil, it can be retained on-site and then disposed of when we service your machine. The water can safely be discharged to a foul drain.

Do I need a written scheme of examination?

Having a written scheme of examination (WSE) is a legal requirement for a business. It should contain details of your installation, along with a record of routine services and checks on the machine. Its purpose is to serve as proof that you are taking the steps you need to maintain the equipment and protect the safety of your staff.

Our engineers can help you with the upkeep of your WSE and, of course, our services will ensure you meet the maintenance duties you are under.

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