Air Compressor Servicing Cambridge

Anglian Compressors & Equipment Ltd have been providing a premier service since 1977. Our engineers are experts in compressed air so, as well as being distributors for Atlas Copco, we can offer servicing and maintenance of any compressed air system.

In challenging times, it’s a source of pride that we help our customers get the most reliable, cost- and energy-efficient systems they can. And our team are available around the clock, throughout the region, supporting private and public sector users, so whatever you need, we are always there for you.

Air Compressors in Cambridgeshire

Cambridge is known world-wide for its university, often rated the best in the world, and the research that takes place around it. But it’s also the centre of Silicon Fen, the growing tech sector that’s home to innovation and world-leading firms and their products.

Many of those businesses run processes that have to work accurately every time, with barely any margin for error. We help them ensure that all their related systems work exactly as they should, so whether it’s research or manufacture, their air compressors can be trusted.

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Air Compressor Servicing Cambridge

And not just Compressed Air

Air compressors may be in our name — and our heart — but it’s not all that we do. We can provide advice, solutions, and, of course, servicing, for a range of related products. These include air quality testing, vacuum systems, and oxygen generation. We can also offer support for nitrogen generation, including providing a turnkey solution for high-pressure laser-cutting nitrogen systems.

And whatever system you need or already have, we can provide the support and reassurance of our engineers. Whether you need an ad hoc repair for a sudden fault, an ongoing fixed-price servicing agreement, or even a full audit of your system, along with recommendations, to ensure it’s in prime condition, we are ready to help businesses across Cambridgeshire.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a better quality of air?

Using micro-fine filters, activated carbon filters, and dryers will improve air quality. These will add to your costs. However, our Cambridge compressor audits include analysis of air quality, and we use that to suggest solutions that match your requirements. This will ensure you are getting the quality you require, but not paying a penny more than you need.

Why do I get water in my air lines, even though I have a dryer?

There are several causes. Often this is because the wrong type of dryer is installed, and because it isn’t suitable for the location, allows water to condense.

However, even with a correct installation, there are many places that can go wrong, like gas levels, problems with the drain or a blocked condenser. It’s wise to have an engineer inspect and service your equipment before the fault worsens.

How do I know if I need a service?

Like most modern equipment, compressors can typically alert you when they need servicing. But you should have any loss of performance, visual defect, or change in operating noises investigated. We record and track all our services, so we know everything is serviced regularly.

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