Air Compressor Servicing Bourne

As premier installers of Atlas Copco compressors, as well as servicing every brand and model of compressed air systems, we have been serving businesses of all types across the region.

Our engineers work around the clock, offering regular servicing and emergency call-out response to ensure not just that businesses can rely on their air compressors, but also on the associated functions like vacuum pumps and nitrogen production.

Our range of services mean that companies big and small can focus on their core business and rest assured that their compressors will operate safely and reliably.

Bourne, a centre for the food industry

A small market town, like much of Lincolnshire, a significant proportion of it’s employment is in the food and agriculture sector. The area, therefore, has a range of companies working in food processing and packaging, with supermarket contracts forming a large part of their businesses.

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Air Compressor Servicing Bourne

The importance of quality

High standards in food quality and safety extend to the equipment used in processing and packaging, and the air compressor is no exception to this.

Air compressors are used at several points in the processing and packaging cycle. While one of the most common uses, driving equipment like conveyors, might not need the highest quality air (although the compressor should still be regularly serviced to ensure it is efficient and not costing you more than it should), but when used with food, it’s important to make sure it’s working well.

Water and moisture in the compressed air can risk spoiling food. Air compressors are frequently used for packaging — on-site production can be around half the price of purchasing nitrogen — replacing the air in sealed packages to help food keep longer.

But whether used in food or not, high-quality compressed air and nitrogen are vital for a business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the quietest air compressor?

We can install an Atlas Copco compressor that uses a low-noise rotary screw that is almost silent in operation, ensuring that it does not disturb your workforce.

However, whatever the compressor type or model, it might be possible to reduce noise. Increased noise during operation is often a sign that it is not running efficiently — essentially some energy used is being turned into noise, rather than compressing air — and can be a sign that a service is required.

How do I know if my compressed air systems need servicing?

As well as increased noise, there are other signs that you might look for. Perhaps the most obvious is if the machine tells you! Many modern compressors feature alerts that draw your attention if they detect they are not running well.
However, it’s worth ensuring that those working with the machine are alert to any changes in operation.

Noise is one sign, but things like vibration, seepages, water in the compressed air, or losses of performance are all signs a service is needed.

At Anglian Compressors, we log all our servicing, so we can monitor whenever routine servicing is due.

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