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Installing and servicing air compressors and the full range of industrial generation equipment has been Anglian Compressors’ purpose since the 1970s. Today, we serve businesses in an area over 200 miles wide, helping customers get the most from their compressed air equipment.

Our customers have come to rely on us, so they never have to worry about their equipment. Anglian Compressors provide fully inclusive servicing options, and we have engineers available round the clock. From a one-off repair to a lifetime of servicing and maintenance, we have got you covered.

Bedford as a business destination

Bedfordshire’s county town, Bedford’s industry benefited from the River Ouse, which supported transport for its early industry. Now superseded by rail and road links, Bedford has grown to become the second-largest centre in Bedfordshire.

Although many in Bedford commute to cities like Birmingham and London, the presence of a skilled and educated workforce has made it, and the whole county, an attractive location for national and multinational companies; many household names operate headquarters or major operations in and around Bedford.

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Bedford and air compressors

The wide range of businesses and industries means that there is just as wide a need for air compressors. For example, although air compressor are often associated with driving warehouse equipment, we also supply food manufacturers, processors, and packagers with their equipment.

And in these cases, quality is of paramount importance. Air must meet strict standards to ensure food is fit for human consumption. As a result, our engineers complete in-depth checks and audits to all machinery and pipework, to ensure it meets those high standards.

Meanwhile, industrial processes like laser cutting need nitrogen. Here, we ensure the highest possible quality of nitrogen production. This not only avoids unnecessary wastage caused by poor performance, but on-site nitrogen supply can also save a business up to 50% compared to bottled nitrogen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do compressors need expert servicing?

Yes, compressed air equipment can be dangerous and any sign of a problem or poor performance should be investigated immediately. Our engineers are fully trained and, as standard, we only stock OEM parts that are designed for your installation.

This not only ensures your compressor works as efficiently as possible for as long as possible, but it also keeps your staff and customers safe, and helps you to comply with your duty to keep a Written Scheme of Examination.

How do I know when my compressor requires a service?

Most compressors have in-built diagnostics that can alert you when a service is needed. But your system should be checked regularly to identify any signs that it is not performing as it should, and any changes in operation, like different noises or vibrations, should be investigated.

At Anglian Compressors, we keep detailed records of equipment and their services, so we always know what’s due — from an oil change to a full service — and make sure you never fall behind on your servicing and maintenance cover.

Do you work 24/7?

Yes, many of our customers run 24-hour operations, so we do too. Whatever the time of day, you can contact our on-call engineers.

And we also maintain a fleet of portable compressors to ensure you are never without a working air compressor.

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