Kettering Nitrogen Generator

With decades of experience, Anglian Compressors are the region’s experts not just in compressed air, but all the related functions. We have installed, serviced, and repaired compressors, piping, and nitrogen generators in hundreds of businesses. We supply and install from the award-winning Atlas Copco range but offer servicing on any manufacturer’s equipment.

Our fixed-price contracts include regular servicing and repair, as well as call-outs in the event of an unexpected problem. We know how much businesses rely on their installations, and our engineers are available twenty-four hours a day, to help service equipment and make sure that your business keeps running.

The unsung hero of manufacture

Manufacturing and industry use a surprising amount of nitrogen. The gas is something of an unsung hero for many sectors. The properties that make it useful, like being largely unreactive, non-toxic, odourless, and invisible, also mean that most consumers don’t realise how important it is.

But the gas is used in everything from packaging food to manufacturing metals and is often used to create a purer atmosphere to improve the quality of things like soldering. Collectively, it means that businesses get through a lot of nitrogen.

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Kings Lynn Nitrogen Generator

Find out how much you could save

If you are wondering how an on-site nitrogen skid would work in your business, or even questioning whether the savings would make it worth your while, get in touch with Anglian Compressors. Our experienced team have worked with hundreds of businesses over the years, so there aren’t many situations we have not already seen!

We can provide you with an honest assessment, so you can make an informed decision, and know exactly what level of cost savings you can expect when you become self-sufficient in nitrogen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can on-site nitrogen generation save money?

Using an on-site nitrogen generator in Kettering will almost certainly save you money. By producing nitrogen to precisely meet your needs, both volume and purity, you can avoid waste. And you can make significant savings on delivery costs, especially as that includes transporting heavy bottles. Some businesses save up to 50% on their ongoing costs, and quickly recoup their installation and servicing costs.

Is on-site nitrogen generation safe?

Absolutely. Nitrogen is non-toxic, and the side-products are simply components of air, like oxygen and water vapour. Additionally, because on-site generation minimises the movements of vehicles and gas bottles, it can reduce the risk of associated accidents.

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The nation’s distribution centre

The area that is now Kettering was largely unpopulated for most of it’s history. It’s inland position and local landscape seem to have made it unattractive as a settlement. However, the development of better transport links, especially the railway, helped the small settlements in the area grow to become the town that exists today.

Like many Northamptonshire towns, Kettering has an historic association with the shoe industry. However, although this has declined in importance, the area has seen other businesses rise to take its place. First, clothing become a major local industry, but now its central location has worked to the area’s benefit, making distribution one of the dominant sectors.

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