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Anglian Compressors are premier distributors of Atlas Copco, the highly rated manufacturers of air compressors. It means our team can install from Atlas Copco’s range of performance compressors, nitrogen generators, and other associated equipment.

In addition, our engineers bring their decades of collective experience to the service contracts we offer. Regardless of your equipment’s manufacturer, our team can ensure it always works to its best. From routine checks and servicing, to longer-term maintenance and callouts for when things go wrong. Our engineers are committed to keeping the region’s businesses running smoothly.

Avoiding the inconvenience of deliveries

Surprisingly, outsourcing your nitrogen production can cause you more problems than it solves. You have to manage regular deliveries, storing full and empty bottles, and you might not even get what you need, having to opt for a higher purity than your process requires, or excessive wastage, because of the timescales for delivery and use.

An on-site nitrogen skid is a more convenient option. Small and compact, they can be located unobtrusively, to ensure they enhance, rather than hinder, your business workflows. And they are simple to operate — we even provide full training and support. What’s more, because we have comprehensive servicing plans, you can rely on us to keep your nitrogen generator working reliably.

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Get a nitrogen review

Whether you are setting up for the first time and considering how to meet your nitrogen needs, expanding and outgrowing your current delivery, or just wondering if you are getting value for money from your current contract, just get in touch.

We can offer a consultation that will review your current arrangements and illustrate the difference that getting a nitrogen generator in Corby can make, allowing you to make an informed decision. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses save on their nitrogen and know we can help you too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an on-site nitrogen skid?

An on-site nitrogen skid is all you need to produce nitrogen. It contains everything needed for the entire process, from air compression at the start to the receivers at the end. A compact unit, it can produce the volume and purity of nitrogen you need, when you need, without obstructing your other processes.

Doesn’t nitrogen generation create waste materials?

The nitrogen is separated from air, so apart from the nitrogen, the only other things produced by the generator will be things from the air we breathe, like oxygen and water vapour.

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A bit of Scotland in Northamptonshire

Corby is one of those English towns that has developed a culture that sets it apart from even near-neighbours. In Corby, much of this is down to the steel industry. Once a major steel region — it was so important in the Second World War that smoky fires were often started to obscure it from bombers — the town attracted many Scots to work there.

Although the steel industry has declined, the Scottish influence remains. According to urban legend, the town buys more Iron Bru than anywhere outside of Scotland, and many shops sell Scottish products, some even having Scots Gaelic signage.

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