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Benefiting the Environment: Midas Pattern Reduces their Carbon Footprint and their Costs

Midas Pattern called in Anglian Compressors as part of their Midas Green Initiative to see if they could be more efficient.

Anglian Compressor’s full audit discovered several areas where their compressed air system could be improved, helping Midas not just improve their processes but also improve the environment.

The changes have had a considerable impact on the firm’s carbon footprint. The upgrade in the compressed air system alone reduced CO₂ emissions by 50 tonnes.

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Midas Pattern provides prototype and volume polyurethane moulding. While most of their products are for scientific equipment, polyurethane’s durability and flame-retardant features mean they are also found in domestic equipment like solar panels or EV charging stations.

Compressed air is used throughout the manufacturing process, from clearing the ‘swarf’ during cutting, to mixing materials before moulding, as well as finishing processes like spray painting.

Their compressors had been installed a decade before, using finance from the Carbon Trust. However, our audit discovered that their compressed air use had changed significantly.

Our recommendations helped Midas make significant progress towards their environmental responsibility goals.

A 10% energy saving from a simple change

Our audit identified that their compressors could operate at lower pressures, offering an immediate saving in energy costs.

Environmental benefits

In total, the changes Anglian Compressors recommended have reduced Midas Pattern’s emissions by around 60 tonnes of CO₂.

The Anglian approach

Anglian Compressors always goes the extra mile for our clients, so we start with a full system audit before doing anything else.

  • The audit considers every element of an air compressor system, but most importantly, it also takes account of the customer’s needs.
  • We logged Midas Pattern’s usage for a week, discovering that their current systems struggled to efficiently meet the demands placed on them, while some parts of the system were calibrated too high for their purpose.

Midas Pattern’s usage varied over the week, depending on the processes operating at the time.

  • Compressed air is versatile, but for Midas Pattern, this versatility meant that, at times of peak demand, their compressors couldn’t meet the demand.
  • Our audit also highlighted that their compressed air needs meant they had to use a fixed-speed compressor running all the time, whether it was fully utilised or not.

Installing a new compressor to replace an old, unreliable compressor unlocked improvements elsewhere.

  • Midas Pattern was able to operate a compressed air system that matched the demands made on it, rather than over-producing most of the time, but then struggling during peak demand. It helped improve their production, saved money, and reduced their carbon footprint.


Midas Patterns are committed to environmental responsibility, always seeking ways to minimise their impact.

  • Replacing their existing variable-speed compressor with an Atlas Copco GA37VSD+ allowed them to run a system that matched demand, up to 133 l/sec of compressed air, while their existing fixed-speed compressors were retained in the system as a backup.
  • Other recommendations included reducing the pressure for some processes and reducing energy costs as a result. Anglian Compressors’ audit even went into enough detail to recommend a single line of code that shut off swarf removal when it wasn’t necessary, further reducing compressor and energy use.
  • Collectively, Anglian Compressors’ recommendations reduced energy usage dramatically, saving nearly £15,000 a year and enabling a rapid return on the Midas Pattern’s compressor investment.


Air compressors are remarkably efficient, but as business changes, how the compressor is used needs to change with it; otherwise, it risks costing more than it should.

Our audit of Midas Pattern found several ways that changes to their compressed air system and how they used it could have a significant impact on their costs and environmental impact.

If you are wondering if your compressed air system would benefit from an audit or want to make sure a new system is as efficient as it can possibly be, then don’t hesitate to contact Anglian Compressors, so we can help you, too.

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