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A Part of the Team: Why Masteroast Keep Coming Back to Anglian Compressors, Even When Their Needs Change

Masteroast have been using Anglian Compressors for over two decades, during which they have seen their business grow, and Anglian Compressors support growing with it.

Throughout their relationship, Masteroast have come to trust Anglian Compressors to always offer the best possible advice.

During a recent period of growth, Anglian Compressors were able to recommend new, efficient equipment that minimised costs.

masteroast coffee


Masteroast is an independently owned coffee roasting and packaging facility, offering both their own-brand and white-label freshly roasted coffee.

When their business expanded dramatically, moving to new premises and increasing their production volumes, they saw how Anglian Compressors effortlessly scaled up the support they offered, without losing the personal touch.

More recently, Masteroast began nitrogen-flushing, a process that injects nitrogen into packaging to help keep it fresh. But as they continued to grow, they went back to Anglian Compressors for help meeting their nitrogen needs.

Rather than taking the easy approach of installing an additional generator, Anglian Compressors recommended a new, intelligent generator. By sensing the level of demand, it minimises waste, producing 50% more nitrogen using just 25% more air, helping Masteroast to keep costs low.

A true partnership

Anglian Compressors are committed to always recommending what is best for the client in the long term.

Responsive systems

Although nitrogen is generated from the air, there is still an energy cost, a responsive system helps keep energy use and costs as low as possible.

The Anglian approach

Since the day it was founded, Anglian Compressors’ top priority has been the customer.

  • Whether it’s a complete installation, a servicing plan, or just a spare part, our customers know they can trust Anglian Compressors to have their best interests at heart.
  • With Masteroast, we have been proud to work alongside them as they grow, helping them get the most from their compressed air, and offering recommendations that meet their needs, not ours.

Nitrogen is a common feature in the food industry.

  • As well as flushing packaging, nitrogen is often used in preparation.
    Nitrogen needs to be very pure. Contaminants, even simple water vapour, can spoil food and encourage bacteria.
  • On-site nitrogen generation is significantly cheaper than deliveries, typically around half the cost, but intelligent use is key to maximising those savings.

Our recommendations are always designed around a customer.

  • Using an intelligent nitrogen generator means that exactly the right volume of gas, at exactly the right purity, is produced. This helps to minimise the energy costs of production, as well as reducing ongoing costs by extending the lifespan of filters and membranes, and even the compressor itself.


Masteroast’s managing director, Andy Fawkes, has come to not just trust Anglian Compressors, but to see them as part of the Masteroast team.

  • Anglian Compressors was able to support Masteroast as it grew from being a small business to becoming a much larger corporate enterprise.
  • Even though Masteroast have tendered their compressed air projects and support in the past, they have only found that the process leaves them more convinced that Anglian Compressors are compressed air market leaders.
  • This relationship means that Anglian Compressors recommendations have been tested, and have always proven to be good. This is the same whether they were made to a small company that was starting to grow, or a larger business that was undergoing constant expansion.
  • Anglian Compressors have helped Masteroast keep their costs down and their quality high, with world-leading Atlas Copco compressors and generators that Masteroast know they can rely on, as much as they rely on Anglian Compressors.


As much as we love installing new compressors, we know they aren’t right for every business and every situation. That’s why we always take time to understand your business and it’s needs.

With Masteroast we have developed that relationship over decades. Still, even with a new customer, we take the time to do a full audit of their existing system, the processes it supports, and their ambition for the future.

If you are just starting and need your first system, or wondering how your current installation will grow with your business, give Anglian Compressors a call and find out why so many other businesses already see us as part of their team.

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