Case Study

Powering Fast Turnaround Repairs: How Brinkley-Propeller’s New Compressed Air System Looks as Good as it Performs

Brinkley-Propeller wanted a reliable compressed air system for it’s maintenance and repair facility.

Operating in a sector that requires fast but high-quality work, Brinkley-Propeller needed a system to match.

Anglian Compressors provided a complete system that supports their current work but has the flexibility for easy extension as they expand their customer base.

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Brinkley-Propellor operates a state-of-the-art 14,250ft² repair and maintenance facility in Stanton Business Park, recently adding landing gear and wheel testing to their offer, as well as non-destructive testing for the aviation, motorsport, marine, and space and satellite industries.

Compressed air is used to power tools, pressure testing, and spray finishing. However, their existing system and piping were unreliable and often losing pressure.

With customers who demand low-cost and minimal downtime, they came to Anglian Compressors to improve their system with not just a new compressor but also with a bespoke pipework system.

Dependable compressed air

An award-winning Atlas Copco compressor offers best-in-class compressed air that meets the demands placed on it by Brinkley-Propellor, and their customers.

Intelligent pipework

Using the AIRnet pipework system, compressed air can be delivered exactly where it’s needed. And the pipe and fittings can be reused if the system has to expand to meet future needs.

The Anglian approach

Anglian Compressors offer more than just compressors.

  • We always work in partnership with clients to ensure they get everything they need from their compressed air systems.
  • Reviewing Brinkley-Propeller’s system, we found that although they required a new compressor, their existing pipework system also caused inefficiency.

Downtime is costly in the aviation industry, and that creates pressure.

  • Brinkley Propeller wanted a system that worked for their processes, not a system they had to work around.
  • The AIRnet pipework system is easy to configure, even for a single installer, making a ringmain with drops to multiple workstations easy, so everyone who used compressed air had it to hand.

And a new compressor to match.

  • The Atlas Copco GX11 was installed, providing enough compressed air to support the 24-strong team. And as an added bonus, the new installation was visually appealing, helping reinforce Brinkley-Propeller’s reputation for quality to visiting clients.


Brinkley-Propeller required a solution that met their needs as an expanding servicing organisation.

  • The Atlas Copco GX11 is a rotary screw compressor with an integrated dryer. It can provide consistent and reliable compressed air for all of Brinkley Propeller’s operations.
  • The AIRnet pipework system means that they get everything they can from the compressor. Designed for compressed air use, it’s seamless joins and low-friction internal bore minimise pressure drops, so every workstation has the pressure it needs, wherever they are in relation to the compressor.
  • The entire system is designed from the ground up for expansion. As well as easy installation, AIRnet pipework can be easily disassembled and reused. This makes it simple to extend systems or even relocate them entirely, if and when the business needs to.
  • Collectively, it creates a win-win-win for Brinkley-Propeller. As well as having a compressed air source that helps them maintain their reputation in the industry, increased efficiency is bringing them savings, and a system that will grow with their business.


Compressed air systems do not have to be fixed in place for all time. Combining our bespoke design with systems like AIRnet means an Anglian Compressor installation is always ready for whatever tomorrow brings.

Just like we did Brinkley-Propellers, we work with all our clients to understand their needs and plans and develop solutions that work for them.

And whatever your business plan is, there are always surprises. If you need a compressed air system you know will support your business today and tomorrow, just give Anglian Compressors a call.

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