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Taking Control of Nitrogen: Advance Engineering’s Move to On-site Nitrogen Generation Supports Growth and Pays for Itself

Advance Engineering installed an Atlas Copco Nitrogen N₂ eight-skid package, supporting their growth in fabrication services.

The new equipment gives them on-demand, 99.99% pure nitrogen and has extra capacity to support the company’s future growth.

By ending their dependency on expensive nitrogen deliveries, Advanced Engineering savings will cover the investment costs in around 18 months.

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Advance Engineering offers a range of engineering services from its 1,250m² workshop, but it’s main growth area is in fabrication services, where their skilled workforce offers laser cutting.

This relies heavily on nitrogen, which is used to prevent burning and discolouration during the cutting processes. However, a dependency on nitrogen deliveries, which can cost up to £3/m³, was holding them back.

They came to Anglian Compressors to review their options, and opted for a compact on-site nitrogen generator system that would meet their needs now and in the future

Total control

Their nitrogen generator means they have total control over their nitrogen.


By optimising on-site production, nitrogen costs can be slashed.

The Anglian approach

Anglian Compressors always begin with a full audit of a customer’s system and their needs.

  • The audit shows customers how well their current system performs, the possible improvements, and how these compare to any potential new installation.
  • Our logging detailed Advance Engineering’s nitrogen use, helping everyone understand their needs, but also how it’s generation would best be implemented for those needs.

Advanced Engineering required a high standard of nitrogen, but also wanted lower costs.

  • Laser-cutting demands the highest purity of nitrogen possible. Nitrogen prevents any burning during the cut and does not react, preventing discolouration.
  • Nitrogen deliveries were holding them back. On-site nitrogen generation eliminates the reliance on third-party production and saves money.

A new generator did not just save money it also unlocked future growth.

  • The Atlas Copco is highly efficient, producing up to 38m³ of nitrogen an hour at customer-controlled purities. It meant that the compact unit was not just capable of meeting their current demands, but also sustaining their growth long into the future.


Advance Engineering’s Managing Director, Rob High, and Profile Manager, Sam Canfor’s decision was straightforward.

  • Advance Engineering installed a compact Atlas Copco Nitrogen Skid N₂ eight-skid package. The all-in-one unit includes not just a rotary screw compressor but also an NGP+ nitrogen generator, air, and nitrogen receivers, plus a booster, dryers and filters.
  • The unit’s design means that it has a high capacity from a relatively small compressor. And the consequent reduction in size of ancillary functions like the filters and dryers also reduces not only the compressor cost, but also ongoing servicing costs.
  • Anglian Compressors’ custom installation meant the compressor was positioned to work alongside existing processes and could supplement their wider compressed air network if needed. And the installation process itself caused minimal disruption to Advanced Engineering’s work.
  • Overall, it slashed nitrogen costs, which were close to £1,500 a week, with the savings achieved likely to cover their investment in around 18 months.


A well-serviced air compressor can last for decades, but business growth, whether in size or into new sectors, can mean more is needed.

By working with Advance Engineering, we gained an in-depth understanding of their needs today, as well as their future growth, so we could offer a practical solution we know will last them decades.

If your air compressor or nitrogen generation is not quite meeting your needs, and you want to get a bit more out of it, or are even considering something new, call Anglian Compressors, and we can help you get the most from your compressors.

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