Cambridge Nitrogen Generator

Anglian Compressors has been supporting businesses, big and small, throughout the area for more than forty years. But we don’t just provide compressors, we offer a full range of service plans that can be customised to meet your needs, and we can provide nitrogen generation too.

If you have processes that require nitrogen, then we can help you avoid relying on bottled nitrogen, by installing your own nitrogen generator in Cambridge. Producing your own nitrogen does not just mean that you are self-sufficient, but as you no longer need the costly deliveries of bottled gas, you are helping the environment and saving money too.

Controlling the quality of your nitrogen

The challenge of nitrogen production is maintaining and controlling the purity. Many use bottled nitrogen because they just assume that quality is difficult to maintain. In fact, managing your own production means that you can guarantee the exact quality level you need.

We only install high-quality Atlas Copco generators, and our servicing plans can cover any manufacturer. Whether you need the highest purity nitrogen possible for food production, or can accept lower purity nitrogen for an industrial process, we can make sure you get what you need, and don’t pay for unnecessary purity levels.

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Cambridge Nitrogen Generator

More efficient, and cheaper, than bottled deliveries

Many businesses simply never consider on-site nitrogen production because they assume it is a difficult to manage process. In fact, our nitrogen skids are entirely self-contained, and we can install them to ensure they do not compromise your other operations.

And, because you will no longer have to pay for the infrastructure and transportation of bottles, it’s possible to make substantial savings that quickly cover the cost of the nitrogen skid. Some of our clients have seen their nitrogen costs cut by 50%.

If you want to know how nitrogen generation could work for you, just get in touch with Anglian Compressors, and our experts will be happy to show you how your business will benefit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can an on-site nitrogen skid really produce an exact purity level?

Absolutely. Indeed, it offers you precise control on demand. You will be able to set the purity level according to your requirements, so if you have different processes, you aren’t wasting resources producing the highest level of purity for everything.

Is on-site nitrogen generation safe?

If properly maintained and serviced, on-site production will actually improve your safety compared to bottled nitrogen, since it removes the risk of accidents associated with the handling and movement of bottled gases.

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The heart of Silicon Fen

Many people immediately think of the university when they think of Cambridge. One of the world’s oldest and most prestigious universities, it has contributed not just to the area’s architectural beauty, but also it’s economy. Although agriculture is a major sector throughout Cambridgeshire, the university’s research also attracted a vibrant tech sector.

Silicon Fen, as the area is sometimes known, has seen a range of high-tech industries spring up because of the university’s research and reputation. These often have processes that can require not just precision but a purity of nitrogen just as high as the food we manufacture and eat.

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