How to reduce your compressor energy consumption with NEOS

A compressor inverter continuously adapts the motor speed of your compressor to match the fluctuations in the air demand. Compared to a fixed speed compressor, inverter technology offers double-digit energy savings. However, it takes the right type of inverter to achieve the highest energy efficiency in a consistent and durable way.

What is the right type of inverter for a compressor

Air compressors typically operate in demanding conditions, including high temperatures, a humid or dusty environment and so on. To withstand these harsh environments, a sturdy design is important, especially for a sensitive electrical part such as the inverter.
In a compressor, all components have been designed to work together efficiently. The inverter teams up with the motor to deliver just the right amount of energy to the compressor element. That’s why it is important to choose an inverter that is fully integrated in the technology of your compressor.

What is the difference between a multi-purpose inverter and NEOS?

A standard inverter is often designed to be used in various types of equipment. That means compromises are made that make it less efficient when used in a compressor. For example, many standard drives are designed for quadratic torque, which is typical for the way fans and pumps operate. Compressors however function with a constant torque demand. The NEOS drive, designed and built by Atlas Copco, matches the specific torque requirements of a compressor, making it more accurate in delivering the power that is needed.

What makes a compressor inverter reliable and durable?

Not all inverters are able to cope with wide temperature variations. A 10-degree temperature drop causes most standard inverters to operate less efficiently. In the design of NEOS, special attention has been given to make it perform reliably in temperatures ranging from -15°C up to +60°C.
Similarly, the IP5X protection class of NEOS effectively prevents dust, dirt and humidity from infiltrating. On standard inverters, these contaminants can drastically reduce the efficiency and lifetime of the drive.

Why is NEOS a good choice for your compressor?

NEOS is designed and built in-house by Atlas Copco, based on our decades of compressed air knowledge. It meets all our quality standards and is 100% compatible with compressor technology and the typical working conditions of compressors. This makes it more reliable and energy-efficient than other inverters on the market.

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