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We’ve been installing and servicing the compressors, nitrogen generators and piping that hundreds of businesses across the region know they can trust every day, to keep running smoothly, since 1977.

We are partnered with Atlas Copco to offer installation across their range. But our service contracts can cover any manufacturer, offering you fixed-price peace of mind that your units are always in top condition and, should anything go wrong, we will have an engineer available whatever the time of day.

Nitrogen: essential to life and manufacture

Nitrogen is commonly used in lots of manufacturing processes, one of which is technology. As technology has advanced, and especially as it has become smaller, the need for high-quality manufacture has become greater. One of nitrogen’s many uses is to create a clean atmosphere for electronic component manufacture.

Although nitrogen is in the air we breathe, other parts, like oxygen and water vapour, can cause problems. In soldering, for example, those elements can degrade the quality of the join, causing oxidisation at the very moment it is created. By soldering in a nitrogen atmosphere, the quality of electronics can be assured.

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Stevenage Nitrogen Generator

Ask us about saving money and improving efficiency

Generating your own nitrogen can bring significant cost savings. A major saving is that you are no longer paying for delivery, and the infrastructure that a bottled provider has to manage. But you’ll also see benefits in your business, where the convenience of on-demand generation can improve your processes.

Even if you are just considering on-site generation, get in touch, and we can talk you through what you have to consider and the options open to you. We have been installing nitrogen generators in Bedford and the surrounding areas for decades, so we have plenty of experience and can help you make the choice that’s right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a nitrogen generation skid affect a business’s environmental impact?

Moving to on-site production will actually reduce your environmental footprint. The increased control over the quality and purity of the nitrogen you produce reduces waste. And because you are no longer reliant on deliveries, you have cut out all the heavy vehicle movements that were required to service your needs.

Does nitrogen generation produce harmful waste?

None at all. The nitrogen comes from the air, so the by-products are oxygen and water vapour, which don’t need further treatment or specialised disposal.

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Bedford’s history: the Middle Ages and beyond

With a history that stretches back to at least the Middle Ages, Bedford has no shortage of interesting tales. It is reputed to be the burial place of King Offa, famous for the Dyke, in 796. However, some even claimed a longer history. The Panacea Society, headquartered in the town, claimed it was the location of the Garden of Eden, and even had a terraced house maintained for the Messiah to live in after the Second Coming!

Today, its proximity to London, Luton, and Cambridge, along with road, rail, and air transport links has made it a centre for engineering, technology, and food industries.

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