Masteroast: A longstanding partnership, based on trust and reliability

Masteroast Coffee Company Ltd. is an independently owned coffee roasting and packing facility, offering an unrivalled range of coffees and private label packing solutions since 1981.

It’s relationship with Anglian Compressors & Equipment Limited goes back well over two decades; a longstanding partnership, based on trust and reliability.


Responding to growth

Anglian Compressors has proven its capabilities many times over the years.

Andy Fawkes, Managing Director of Masteroast, explains: “The first challenge was around 10 years ago when we moved factories. We’d grown significantly and were setting up operations at a new location in Newark Road, Peterborough – where we remain today.

“Anglian Compressors installed all our compressors and compressed air systems at the new site – on a much larger scale than at our previous facility.

“Everything went according to plan. We realised that Anglian Compressors were just as adept at managing a mid-sized, corporately structured organisation as they had been in managing our needs as a much smaller business.”


Driving efficiency

More recently the company began extending the shelf life of its coffee by injecting nitrogen into the packaging – a standard process that protects products from deterioration. The nitrogen was created on site with equipment installed by Anglian Compressors.

Ongoing growth at Masterroast meant that there was soon a need to increase the capacity of the generator. Anglian Compressors took an innovative approach to this.

Instead of simply adding another unit, it recommended the installation of new, more intelligent equipment.

The system proved to be highly cost-effective. By sensing the level of demand for nitrogen, it is able to produce only the amount of gas required instantly, and shut down production when it’s not needed.

The efficiency was tangible. Nitrogen production was increased by 50% – yet the volume of air input required, increased by just 25%.


Enabling sustainability

This level of effectiveness is very important to Masteroast, as Andy explains: “We take an ethical approach to business. We keep a close eye on emissions, energy consumption and many other factors, to work as sustainably as possible.

“Anglian Compressors’ support is helping us reduce our energy use and work as efficiently as we can. Being able to measure those gains is extremely valuable.”


Proven reliability

Masteroast considers Anglian Compressors as an extension of it’s own team. The company has proven itself over many years of servicing, advice and new installations.

Andy said: “We have gone out to tender on compressed air projects in the past, and all that happened was that we became even more convinced of Anglian Compressors’ leadership in the market. There have been times where they could have sold us more expensive, unnecessary equipment – but they always have our best interests at heart. They choose to do what’s right for our business.

“Anglian Compressors work very closely with our engineering team and are always reliable, reasonable and have obvious expertise. They take the hassle away, so that there’s one less thing to worry about. And in managing a growing business, there are always plenty of worries! It’s enormously valuable to have a partner that we can trust.”

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