‘It is quite simply a better working environment for us’ – Celestica saves over 70% using Atlas Copco VSD vacuum pump

In January 2018, Celestica installed an Atlas Copco GHS1300 VSD+ vacuum pump, replacing older type technology. Celestica is a leader in high-reliability design, manufacturing and supply chain solutions that brings global expertise at every stage of product development – from the drawing board to full-scale production and after-market services – with talented teams across North America, Europe and Asia.

Atlas Copco Ireland’s Key Accounts Manager Eric Forde visited Celestica in Galway to speak with Facilities Coordinator Gabriel Corless and understand the benefits of the new machinery.


Atlas Copco GHS1300VSD+ vacuum pump

Eric: What do you use the unit for?

Gabriel: “The unit was put in in January 2018. It is used on production lines for ink cartridges along with when they’re extracting the CO2 before they put in the ink.”

Eric: Our initial proposal forecasted a 70% cost savings with the GHS1300 VSD+. Has this been accurate?

Gabriel: “It was bang on. In fact, it was better! All included, we are not far off €2500-€3000 a month being saved. “The running cost of our previous unit was €2000 a month. Our new Atlas Copco GHS1300 VSD+ was just €627 for the first month. That is a clean saving of over €1300. I’ve been checking it month-by-month and it is very consistent. Initially, we had the pressure set too high but with help from C&L, we were able to reduce the pressure band.”

Eric: Aside from the vacuum pump, what additional benefits have you seen?

Gabriel: “The GHS1300 VSD+ was already configured for energy recovery. As a result of having energy recovery from the vacuum unit, we can supply approach water to our boiler system, in turn reducing further energy costs.” Gabriel said that further energy savings were obtained by way of removing heat extraction fans from the plant room. The two fan motors combined had an annual costing of over €8000. He went on to praise the massive health and safety benefits of the installation.

“Putting money aside, in terms of health and safety – it is quite simply a better working environment for us. The decibel levels in the plant room have come right down, and we no longer require noise cancelling ear protection in the plant room. You can hold a conversation in there now. We can bring auditors or fitters in there now easily. The display system is so user friendly as well,” said Gabriel.

While on site, Eric recommended that Celestica activate a Smartlink uptime licence that would send notifications to SMS or email – reporting on any potential warnings that the system may have.

Declan Devaney of Atlas Copco distributor C&L with Celestica’s Facilities Coordinator Gabriel Corless

Declan Devaney from Atlas Copco Ireland’s distributor C&L has been working closely with Celestica on this energy-saving project. C&L and Celestica have been working together over the past number of years and Declan will continue to work with Gabriel to find and implement further potential savings within the compressor room.

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