Industrial compressors for the OEM market

Understanding OEM needs

For original equipment manufacturers in various industries compressed air is not the primary area of expertise. Flow rates, pressure and air quality are just a few of the challenges OEMs usually face. Compressed air is a utility used to provide power to an operating cycle within product lines. As such it is important for equipment manufacturers to select a partner that not only supplies a cost effective solution, but also innovates and ensures all legislative and best practices are adopted. Only such a supplier is capable of providing competitive advantage in their own field.

Strong Background

Atlas Copco Compressors UK has over 20 years of experience with OEM projects that enables us to offer standard and bespoke compressed air equipment into general industrial, automotive, printing, medical, rail and marine applications, to mention just a few.

How is Atlas Copco different?

Atlas Copco is considered an industry leader as we have the largest portfolio of suitable products that matches our clients’ requirements. We offer a different approach to our partners’ businesses: instead of making the customer fit our products we tailor our product to suit the customer’s exacting needs.

Small footprint, low noise operation, energy efficiency and ease of service are the standard characteristics of Atlas Copco compressed air solutions. However, we have the capability to offer custom designed packages as well. Atlas Copco Compressors UK is also able to offer custom design in cooperation with the local specialised UK facility of Atlas Copco Systems Hemel Hempstead. This is the European custom engineering competence centre providing customised and packaged compressed air, rough vacuum and nitrogen systems and services for demanding applications within the worldwide energy, industrial power and petrochemical markets.

With the engineering excellence provided by our vastly experienced custom design teams, we can meet specifications for the harshest environment and the most extreme running conditions.

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