5 years old and getting bigger!

The new ZS 4 screw blower series: energy efficiency at a low lifecycle cost

Our new ZS 4 series (37-90 kW / 50-120 hp) combines Atlas Copco’s trusted screw technology with our latest innovations to deliver you Class 0 certified oil-free air up to 1.5 bar(g) / 22 psig. Our newest generation is one of the most energy efficient oil-free screw blower solution on the market and ensures you of a very low lifecycle cost.

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Save 11% on energy

With our newest generation of oil-free Class 0 certified rotary screw blowers we offer you one of the most energy efficient solution on the market, helping you save up to 11% on energy costs compared to the previous generation.

32% more air flow

We combined our trusted screw technology with the latest innovations to create a new generation of oil-free screw blowers that deliver up to 32% more flow compared to the current ZS VSD (variable speed drive) models.

Small and compact blower

The new ZS 4 series is a small and compact solution that can be installed anywhere side-by-side. These small blower units are easy to maintain, fit perfectly into your existing blower room and can be placed outside in the toughest environments, allowing an ambient temperature up to 50°C/120°F.

Setting a new standard for oil-free screw blower technology with our ZS 4, ZS 4 VSD & ZS 4 VSD+

    • The ZS 4, ZS 4 VSD & ZS 4 VSD+ are among the most compact screw blowers on the market, making them the ideal choice for the replacement of your exisiting blower units.
    • Whether your process requires constant or variable air delivery, with our newest generation of rotary screw blowers you don’t need to worry about your process uptime.
    • The joint forces of our highly efficient Permanent Magnet Motor and our newest screw blower element with optimized inlet- and outlet ports result in a more efficient energy use.
    • The oil pump is integrated into the oil-free screw blower element. Whenever the element is running, oil is being pumped around. The oil-injection nozzles and built in oil cooler ensure optimal lubrication and cooling of bearings and gears, resulting in the low mechanical losses and high reliability.
    • The Elektronikon® unit controller is specially designed to maximize the performance of your blowers under a variety of conditions. Key benefits are increased energy-efficiency by lowering energy consumption, reduced maintenance time and increased productivity. Moreover, the SMARTLINK service helps you monitor your features from a distance via mobile or internet and therefore helps you to minimize on-site supervision time.


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