Top Tip: Are you dealing with the condensate from your compressed air system correctly?

Anyone who runs a compressed air system (using oil-injected technology) needs to be aware of how to properly dispose of the condensate in a responsible manner, so as not to infringe any environmental laws. The condensate released by compressed air equipment will have tiny particles of oil in that are not visible to the naked eye, which is why it needs proper disposal. Not only is incorrect disposal detrimental to the environment, but you could also incur a fine and damage to your reputation as a responsible company.

There are many rules concerning the disposal of waste generally, as you will no doubt be aware if you have paid a recent visit to your local recycling centre and compared that to a visit only a few years ago. Don’t let your compressed air supply catch you out without doing a fairly easy first check. Have a walk around your compressed air equipment: you should be able to see the condensate drains appearing from the back of the compressors and dryers on your site. Take a look at where these are piped to. Ideally you should see them all going to an oil/water separator of some description and then off to a foul drain. If they are going straight from a drain onto the floor or just into a standard plastic container then this should raise a red flag. Oil/water separators are very easy to install. Note that there are many rules around the disposal of condensate, even with the correct equipment in place, and the rules can vary from region to region. This web link should help you find the rules .

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