Atlas Copco Distributor Of The Year Award for 2020!

We are proud to announce we have won the Atlas Copco Distributor Of The Year Award for 2020

How did Anglian Compressors win Atlas Copco’s Distributor of the Year?

“We achieved a 29% growth due to our focus on energy efficient, advanced VSD compressor solutions, AIRnet pipework installations, and a healthy increase in compressor service contracts. Through strong relationships, even in these difficult times, we have been able to expand our reach to further business opportunities.”

Richard Hewitt, Managing Director


Why choose our distributor of the year, Anglian Compressors, as your service provider in Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas?

“We do far more than install and service air compressors. Our approach is to analyse each client’s site and help them cut costs and improve efficiency.”

Carlo Reynolds, Operations Director

Meet Atlas Copco’s distributor of the year, Anglian Compressors:

“Our mantra of ‘do the right thing’ applies at every level of the company’s business. Everything we achieve is the result of hard work by our 20-strong support team, which allows us to increase trust and loyalty in the longstanding relationships we have with our customer base.”

Cautheen O’Neill, Finance Director